Smada Electrical Services is committed to excellence in electrical work, service & quality management with over 20 years experience in:

  • Sports Field Lighting
  • Commercial Electrical Installations
  • Maintence Electrical Service
  • Civil Electrical Services
  • Project Management

Smada employees are trained to communicate and constantly update with:

  • Ongoing TAFE course
  • Product Training and updates including CBus Control Systems, Dyna Lite Control and Estate Automation Systems

Smada Electrical Services provides the highest standard in:

  • Service Delivery
  • On time and within budget
  • Tailored projects according to the clients individual needs
  • Reliable and quality work guarantee

Smada owns & operates a range of plant & machinery including:

  • 7 x Service vehicles
  • 4 Tonne excavator
  • 2.5 Tonne trencher
  • Small loader
  • 6 Tonne Tipper
  • 8 Tonne excavator
  • Smada¬† views climate change as extremely important
  • Tailor solutions for specific needs
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Implementing new technology

Our strengths are:

  • Our People
  • Network
  • Experience
  • High level of service
  • Diverse field of expertise
  • Local knowledge
  • Commitment to continual improvement

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